Below is an annotated list of children's literature for the elementary classroom. The books are organized by the Six Elements of Social Justice Curriculum Design (Picower, 2007). It is based on work by pre-service teachers at Montclair State University. They have read and reviewed these books and provided insights into how they can be used in K-5 settings.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Say Hello

Title: Say Hello
Author & Illustrator: Rachel Isadora
Age Level: 3-5 year olds (P-K)
SJE: Element Two-Respect for Others
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Summary of Say Hello
The children's book Say Hello is a perfect book for new, young readers.  This book tells the story of a little girl traveling down different streets to visit her, Abuela Rosa.  Down each street, she says hello to different people in their native language.  She greets them with respect and acknowledges their presences as she passes them by.  The little girl says hello in all different types of languages like Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Swahili.  This book allows students to be aware of some of the different languages spoken around the world, the respect that each language should get and the freedom to speak that language.

How does Say Hello represent Respect for Others?
This book, Say Hello represents element two in Respect for Others, by allowing students to share their knowledge of their background and nationality but also being aware of others and where they come from.  This book definitely provides a climate in where all different backgrounds are accepted by one another.

How would I use this book?
How I can use this book in my classroom is by using technology, textbooks and other materials to look up other words that we can learn in different languages.  For example, as a class we can look up how to say the word "school" in all the different languages this book introduced us to.  What I could also do with this book is by using all the different ways to say hello, each day in class instead of using the English way to say hello to everyone the students will have to say hello in the language of that day.

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